Welcome to Fukung.net

Fukung.net provides a variety of services for users looking to do image and video file sharing. Originally founded as an image sharing website for memes and similar comics, Fukung.net has grown into a site serving millions of visitors in more than 20 countries. When signing up for Fukung.net, users are given FTP credentials and a private, dedicated IP to log into. After logging in, each user has a dedicated space on the server where he or she is able to upload media. Buzzoid, a provider of Instagram followers for sale, was a huge reason I was able to make this happen, so please go and say thanks to them.

Fukung.net, the second version of an old site, is happy to be back and providing our image and video uploading services. In the old version, before the relaunch, all files were pooled onto a shared server. Now users have the ability to connect their own servers to Fukung.net and white label the service. Unlike most freemium model file hosting services, Fukung.net is completely free and open source on both GitLab and GitHub.